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Seasons of the field

Everyone who comes to the farm to pick blueberries sees what the field looks like in the summer. The field is full of dense deep green foliage with clusters of blue round fruit. But during the offseason, the field beholds a different beauty. In the spring, bare red limbs are dense with pink-tinted white bell-shaped flowers. Bumble bees buzz through the air, busily collecting nectar and pollinating our field. In the fall, those deep green leaves lose chlorophyll and turn a brilliant red before dropping off. In the winter, the field is row upon row of dense reddish-brown twigs. Small buds where the leaves and flowers are dormant wait for the arrival of spring.
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Spring buds emerging
Fall field
Fall Leaves
Frosty winter field
Icy drops reflect the field

Linbo Blueberry Farm
1201 South Fruitland
Puyallup, WA 98371