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Small Urban Jewels

Next time you are in your or your friend’s garden, take a closer look at the flowers to see who might be flying around. There are many small creatures who collect pollen and feed on nectar. You don’t have to live in the forest or in the wilds to enjoy these colorful insects. Often they will thrive wherever there are flowers (so long as they aren’t treated with pesticides). Don’t see any insect? Plant flowers in your yard to attract them. Herbs produce a lot of flowers late summer. Lavender is a bee magnet. Rhododendrons attract bumble bees in the spring. If you plant them, they will come!
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Agapostemon sweat bee
10-lined June Beetle
Eumenes potter wasp
Megachile leafcutter bee
Melissodes long-horned bee
Paddle-tailed Darner

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