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Birds and berries

Although the farm is less than 6 acres, it supports a diversity of birdlife with its open fields, water, small marsh, riparian, and nearby coniferous forest. Below is a list of birds that visit, breed, and/or reside at the farm. Highlighted are the ones that you might see during your visit to the farm.

Canada Goose
Cackling Goose
Snow Goose
Hooded Merganser
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle
Red-tailed Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
Eurasian Collared Dove
Mourning Dove
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl
Vaux Swift
Rufous Hummingbird
Anna's Hummingbird
Belted Kingfisher
Northern Flicker
Pileated Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Red-breasted Sapsucker
American Kestrel
Willow Flycatcher
Western Wood Pewee
Hutton's Vireo
Warbling Vireo
American Crow
Steller's Jay
California Scrub Jay
Cliff Swallow
Violet-green Swallow
Barn Swallow
Black-capped Chickadee
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Brown Creeper
House Wren
Bewick's Wren
Pacific Wren
Marsh Wren
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
American Robin
Swainson's Thrush
Varied Thrush
European Starling
Cedar Waxwing
Common Yellowthroat
Townsend's Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
Song Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Fox Sparrow
Lincoln's Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Golden-crowned Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Spotted Towhee
Western Tanager
Black-headed Grosbeak
Brown-headed Cowbird
Red-winged Blackbird
House Finch
Purple Finch
Pine Siskin
American Goldfinch
Red Crossbill
Evening Grosbeak
House Sparrow
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Anna's Hummingbird
Townsend's Warbler
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Dark-eyed Junco
American Robin
Black-capped Chickadee

Linbo Blueberry Farm
1201 South Fruitland
Puyallup, WA 98371