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About Us

The Linbo Blueberry Farm was started in 1998 when retired high school teacher, Richard Linbo, bought the farm that was originally planted in 1940.

With help from the rest of the Linbo family of Richard's brother and sister, Gordon and Mardonna, and his son and daughter-in-law, Tor and Tiffany, Richard worked to provide the local community with an appreciation and a rediscovery of real blueberry taste. Richard's legacy continues with Tor and Tiffany Linbo continuing the u-pick operations.

Whether you come to spend a day in the field with your family, to stock your freezers with berries, or to enjoy the health benefits of blueberries, we believe that happiness can be found in the delicious bite of a blueberry. We hope you will come to our farm and pick your happiness.

About the Farm

The history of our farm dates back to 1940. At the end of the Great Depression and on the cusp of World War II, a farmhouse was built at a “T” in the road and the blueberry field was started in a springfed natural peat bog. At the time, blueberry plants were cultivated for quality, taste, and ripening time, not for modern industrial traits such as ship-ability and long-shelf life (often at the sacrifice of flavor). The heirloom varieties at the farm are more delicate, requiring them to be handpicked. Over the years, the original farmer planted more bushes of varying cultivars to expand the field or inter-planted between bushes or to replace unsuccessful ones. The result is a mosaic blueberry field of over 20 heirloom cultivars.

In the early 90s, when the Puget Sound population was rapidly expanding and farmland protections in Pierce County were non-existent, the original farmer sold the farm to a developer who subsequently subdivided and built houses on the property. The only reason the blueberry field was saved from destruction was that the natural peat bog, which is optimal for growing blueberries, could not be built on.

In 1998, Richard Linbo bought the farm and operated it as a U-pick operation. Thankfully due to the long lifespan and resilience of the blueberry bushes, most of the original heirloom plants still thrive in the field. In 2022, Richard's legacy lives on as Tor and Tiffany Linbo (Richard's son and daughter-in-law) continue to run the u-pick farm. Linbo Blueberry Farm LLC strives to provide the community with a unique opportunity to taste varieties of blueberry cultivars not found at the grocery store or in newer blueberry fields.

Slide the blue dot to compare the farm in 1940 and 2007

Images taken from US Corp of Engineering aerial survey and Google Earth

Linbo Blueberry Farm LLC
1201 South Fruitland
Puyallup, WA 98371