Raising and keeping chickens
Bantam home grown egg (left) vs. store bought "free range, organic" egg. The store bought eggs pale in comparison to home grown eggs. Not only are home grown eggs more nutritious, they are also more flavorful and delicious.
A well built urban chicken coop is easy to maintain and provides a safe environment for the chickens.

There are many benefits to keeping chickens at home, including fresh eggs and meat, manure, bug and weed control, companionship, and entertainment. Fresh eggs are beyond comparison to store-bought eggs in nutrition and taste. It is also comforting to know where your food is coming from and what goes on to produce the food (no recycled animal by-products or antibiotics, if you are concerned about that). In the garden they till the soil while ridding the garden soil of pests that can harm plant growth and providing nitrogen via chicken manure. Chickens can also be great pets with personalities and can be fun to watch.

Nothing cuter than a box of day old chicks. Chicken tractors allow the chickens to enjoy the bugs and grubs, while ridding your garden of pests.

For more information on how to raise urban chickens, here are a few useful links:

The Seattle Tilth has seasonal classes on how to raise chickens and build chicken coops. They also have a weekend self-guided chicken tour in the summer.



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