Learn more about the Linbo Blueberry Farm by clicking on the following links.

Articles on the Farm:
Read what the press has to say about the Linbo Blueberry Farm.

History of the Farm:
The farm's history dates back to the 1940s.

Future of the farm:
See where the farm is headed in the next 50 years.

Get a peek beyond the blueberry field into our personal endeavors toward sustainability and perhaps get ideas for your own urban farm at home.
Low maintenance gardening
Raising and keeping chickens

Supporting our pollinators:
At the farm, we do our best to support the native mason bee and bumblebee populations.

Choosing not to spray pesticides:
We don't spray pesticides on our blueberry bushes. Read the pros and cons of not spraying and why we made this choice.

Birding Linbo Blueberry Farm:
When you visit our farm during the blueberry season, not only can you enjoy the berries, but you can also do a little birding in the field. Learn more about the birds who live, nest, and visit the blueberry farm.

Linbo Blueberry Farm
1201 South Fruitland, Puyallup, WA 98371

page updated: 2/21/13